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Indigenous Music in Australia

9 Pages 2219 Words May 2018

The Northern part of Australia has been characterized by strong relationships between musical performances, social identity, as well the rights of the people to move and live from one geographical area to the other. In the 12th Century, there was much recognition of the rights of the Indigenous communities. These individuals’ claims for identity and self-determination were based on their personal struggles to maintain their distinct cultural identity, political governance, and rights to reclaim their lands (Mackinlay, 2008). With the various challenges faced by the traditional indigenous Australian communities, famous contemporary music, which comprised Aboriginal artists, became a significant avenue for contrasting viewpoints and agendas. The music provided a platform where the indigenous artists, composers, and performers aired their resistance to harassment and advocated for their identities. Music, as explored in its content as well as political, social, and economic context, is an effective avenue for the expression and reclamation of the identity of indigenous communities in Australia (Dolin, 2013).
The concept of social justice is a fundamental fabric of any society. However, finding the right avenue to explore social justice has posed a significant challenge over the last many years. The integration of music as an avenue to explore and understand various issues related to social justice has proven a step in the right direction. Songs supplement other forms such as written work in the advocacy of different social issues facing a community. Just recently music celebrities have been taking center stage in support of various topics facing the world and have succeeded in pulling the necessary resources in providing solutions to different issues. The Indigenous Australian musicians have taken activists role in the struggle for their equality. They have taken a central role in attracting the global attention over the plights that a...

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