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Indigenous Music in Australia

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re faced by the Indigenous Australian communities in the hands of the Non-natives.
There is a close link between the identities of the traditional Australian community and expression of the Ancestral laws that were related to the claim, land rights, and individual spiritual being (Baker, 2008). Preceding the divergent conquest histories, indigenous rights issues, land conquests, and colonialism, the introduction of Mass media resulted in the composition of several Aboriginal music forms (Baker, 2008). The emerging and booming music identity were a platform through which the indigenous music performers expressed their resistance to the sovereignty of colonial influence. Through various types of music, these communities advanced their agendas and demanded recognition as an important part of the Australian communities. Musicians such as Jessica Mauboy and bands such as Yothu Yindi wrote memorable pieces that reflected and communicated the identities and place of Australian indigenous communities in the Australian modern cultures. The traditional communities’ music was considered an accessible and compelling mechanism to create public awareness of the struggles of Aboriginal communities in power negotiation.
Indigenous music is a representation of the vast social-political differences. These include racial differences, shifts in Government policies, and the thorny issue of land rights. Through the indigenous music, performers, dancers, and composers have taken center stage in the use of mass media, writing, and singing in the mediation and advocacy of their issues and injustice against them (Mackinlay, 2008). These musicians have prioritized the address of the problem and need to reclaim their traditional lands in various types of music they release. Musicians like Blekbala Mujik and Yothu Yindi group have done so with passion. An analysis of these players’ lyrical aspects identifies the various practices that they used in the express...

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