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Adolf Hitler - Research Paper

2 Pages 509 Words May 2018

In 1917, two revolutions took place in Russia, ending centuries of imperial rule. Adolf Hitler had influenced many of the tragic events that occurred during the early 1900s. Hitler was the main cause of WWII, and the Holocaust, being the dictator of Germany at that time and making all the political decisions.
Hitler opposed Communism because Germany was a Christian country and Joseph Stalin wanted to spread Communism into Europe. Both had the ambition to expand their respective countries. Hitler wanted a “Greater Germany” under Nazi control that would be powerful enough to dominate Europe. Similarly, Stalin wanted to spread Communism worldwide. There was no way that they could both achieve these goals. Both knew that one of them would have to submit to the other to get their way.
The Non-Aggression Pact was an agreement between Germany and Russia that neither country would attack each other for the next ten years, “Soviet leader, Joseph Stalin viewed the pact as a way to keep his nation on peaceful terms with Germany, giving him time to build up the Soviet military. German chancellor, Adolf Hitler used the pact to make sure Germany was able to invade Poland” ( The pact was broken by Germany with Operation Barbarossa. Operation Barbarossa was a preemptive attack on the Soviets. Russia was planning to attack Germany through Operation Thunderbolt, which Hitler got wind of and attacked two weeks before Russia could launch it. “Operation Barbarossa, original name Operation Fritz, during World War II, the code name for the German invasion of the Soviet Union, which was launched on June 22, 1941. The failure of German troops to defeat Soviet forces in the campaign signaled a crucial turning point in the war,” (
Germany's defeat was one country against many. The fact that Germany held up as long as they did was a testimonial to how strong and dedicated they were. Hitler surrendered at an Allied head...

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