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Jasper Jones Essay

8 Pages 2043 Words June 2018

A genre that originates from a specific location is often characterized by struggles faced by that particular region at a certain time, and many authors will write about it specifically to their own location. Southern Gothic literature is a sub-genre of Gothic literature and originated in the American South, initially attempting to answer questions on how racial oppression and slavery changed Southern society before moving onto the macabre, grotesque truths that lie once the surface is peeled back. Craig Silvey’s 2010 award-winning novel Jasper Jones (2010) explores similar ideas, as its story follows the narrator, Charlie Bucktin alongside Jasper Jones as they investigate the death of Laura Wishart, overcoming obstacles and uncovering the truth, while also finding out answers to questions they’ve been asking all along. Silvey’s novel Jasper Jones (2010) expresses characteristics often seen in Southern Gothic literature such as the true grotesque nature of individuals, and the marginalisation and alienation of people through the reinforcing of themes and ideas prevalent in the novel, by means of characterisation, symbolism and the utilisation of narrative point of view. Silvey reinforces the ideas of racial prejudice and ignorance in society, and unveils the ugly interior of characters, and utilises Southern Gothic literature to point out issues within a society.
Southern Gothic literature is a sub-genre of Gothic literature, gaining momentum during the 19th century. Edgar Allen Poe was one of the first writers to fully explore the genre, with works such as The Tell-Tale Heart and The Fall of the House of Usher. Poe characterised the Southern Gothic genre and influenced the many writers that came after him, composing an abundance of poems and short stories rooted in the aberrations and tensions of the South. Key characteristics include a sense of alienation, grotesque characters, marginalisation of groups, concepts or people as w...

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