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Confucius and the Analects

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Reading the Analects, I suddenly came to my mind. This is the title of my favorite Webtoon. And Jean-Paul Sartre is the existentialist.
Humans can not help but consider everything else as an object because they are the subject of themselves. This situation in which each other is considered an object is called hell. And it emphasizes that this hell is not something I only feel about other people. I also talk about being an object to others and being hell to others.
I believe this is where human selfishness comes from. The object of others makes us realize that the world is not entirely mine, which is sometimes seen as a threat to the self. If you think about it a little further, I believe this is the reason why Confucius forgot to walk like a person. They are, they are, they are. If I realized the way to live truly in the morning, it would be okay to die in the evening. There is a theory of Jean Paul's typing as hell. The most important thing to me, the master of my life, is my security. And following him seems to be a wish for good family and friends. Considering Jean-Paul's theory alone, I suspect that it is because, without the subjects, I become unhappy with myself.
Despite the fact that humans are the ones who have the self in this world, humans are social animals that can not live alone. I realized that there was no choice but to create a conflict between men in the contradictory human instincts that felt like hell and needed others. I think the solution to this constant conflict that Confucius thought was human nature. Perhaps he wanted to advise people to remember the importance of being human. Humankind is something only humans can do. In other words, humans can rise above nature to reason and become moral beings.
In contrast to the warmth, people feel in this sense of humanity; individualism often feels cold. I also looked at individualism in a negative way before reading the Analects. However, it is a different concept f...

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