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Topic: Women in Business

5 Pages 1331 Words June 2018

Women in business are not generally thought of in the lead because of stereotypes of society, but the facts show that they have been crucial to the growth and success of many industries and corporations throughout history as it was the fastest growing segment in short period of time with success.
The phenomenon of female entrepreneurship is a recent coming topic that caused a lot of contoversy even though, it was when women were still in their embryonic stages and the reason behind such arguments was because women reached a higher percentage of owning their own firms and businesses more than men. In Canada, a study of women business due to the Royal Bank of Canada states that 75 percent of the women had been in business for three years or less and 74 percent had been owners for less than ten years which can be a prove that women are strong enough to lead a business and they were already since day one when it wasn’t really accepted or even recognized because people underestimated women.
At first, I’d like if people understood the real concept of business, before even debating about it. It’s not like women have pink brains and men have blue brains, but think about it as a mosaic idea which makes more sense. Each has his own unique experience, and those experiences shape the structures and connections with our highly complex brains.
People also need to understand that business has nothing to do with gender as long as it’s successful. The main goal of business has a satisfied customer, and the aim of this idea is by presenting our capabilities not based on gender but based again our experiences.
Just because men have different interests, it doesn’t mean what tasks and jobs, genders are good at and it doesn’t even determine much about who we are. Our brains are more complicated than this fact.
Based on a global picture, women were portrayed as people who should not work in the first place, but guess what happened later on? Fema...

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