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The Benefits of Tap and Bottled Water

2 Pages 526 Words June 2018

It’s a hot summer day, and you're going on a run. You stop in the middle of the run and see someone selling multiple kinds of water; varying from Fiji, Aquafina, Evian, and lots of others. Which one do you choose? You're almost home and wondering should I just drink tap water? I say you should. “Often many people who buy the bottled water are being tricked by the ads and labels,” says John Stossel. Many people assume and have been told the bottled water is cleaner, safer, and healthier. I disagree with them and believe that tap water is better than bottled water. First of all, 1 gallon of bottled water costs 300x more than a gallon of tap water. To add on to why I believe tap water is better than bottled water is because the plastic bottles cause pollution that can’t decompose. Finally, scientists have found that there is no difference between tap or bottled.
The first reason why I support tap water is the cost. Tap water and other brands had been blind tested by people and got in third place with Iceland spring. This shows that we are just paying more for water that “Apparently tastes better”. Believe it or not ⅓ of all the bottled brands are just reprocessed tap water. To add to what I said I believe tap water is better because of the pollution from the plastic bottles. Compared to a liter of tap water a liter of bottled water requires 2,000x more energy. Last year our nation alone required the equivalent of 32-54 million barrels of oil. Our needs for water is growing each day. One person per year requires 116 liters of water. Now visualize that with over 7 billion people doing that and the amount of waste coming from that! This shows if we use our tap water that is available almost always we can create a huge impact on the environment.
Now people may argue that the government would never lie about how the bottled is “better” and is safer, healthier, or cleaner, right? I say that this is false. Aaron Margolin, a sc...

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