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The Scripal Affair: Anti-Russian Smear Campaign

3 Pages 755 Words June 2018

On March 4 a former British-Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned in a rather sensational way. They were found slumped unconscious on a bench in Salisbury after being exposed to a military-grade nerve agent, which according to the British authorities belongs to a Novichok family of agents developed by the Soviet Union.
Several days later during the urgent meeting called by the United Nations Security Council, British PM Theresa May blamed the Russian government for Skripal’s poisoning referring to the nerve agent origin and to Russia’s record of conducting sponsored assassinations. Britain presented Russia with an ultimatum with a 24-hour deadline to reveal whether it was a direct action by the Russian State or the fact that the Russian government had lost control and allowed this attack to happen. Russian officials denied any involvement in the Salisbury incident, stressed that Moscow is open to any cooperation with the UK and demanded access to the samples of the nerve-agent that was used to poison Skripal.
After the UK’s request for an account of poisoning was refused by Moscow, the British authorities imposed sanctions on Russia stating that there was no credible response. Punitive measures included the largest expulsion of Russian diplomats since the time of a Cold War, limiting diplomatic flies and freezing Russian state assets in the UK.
Moscow sent London four diplomatic notes inviting to discuss the Skripal issue but the UK refused neither to cooperate nor to provide any sufficient information on the case, including samples of the nerve agent.
The British government groundlessly accused Russia of poisoning Skripal and did not give any acceptable reason for the attack. If we have a closer look, there seems to be no reasonable motive for Russia to take Skripal down since the former spy had been jailed in Russia for four years and then lived openly in Salisbury for eight. If a Russian ser...

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