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Caesar and the Gladiators

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e wealthy would plan this ahead of time, possibly the slave that won would earn their freedom. Gradually, this become a common practice and the public would come to observe. Since Rome was basically a war state and bloody sacrifices were common this was a widely accepted practice. “So they found comfort for death in murder” wrote Tertullian, a Christian [ CITATION Kyl l 1033 ].
As more and more common people came to watch the munera, the noble people added to the spectacles, eventually ritualizing it into entertainment and performances. As the spectacles grew the politicians (wealthy noble men) came to the realization that they could use the publics’ fascination with the munera to sway their opinions or gain political favor with the people. Soon the politicians were purchasing slaves (and/or prisoners of war) to be trained up to be gladiators. Trainers, dieticians and guards were employed just to school the slaves in fighting skills[ CITATION CSu06 l 1033 ]. Very quickly slave traders began to keep slaves themselves in schools (more like a penitentiary) for the purpose of selling the gladiator’s services for gladiator games. It was big business. Many noblemen used gladiators as bodyguards and henchman, too [ CITATION Dio l 1033 ]. Owning, ...

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