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Historicism in The Scarlet Letter

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to be whipped and forced to wear capital letters and if they ever took off the letter, they were punished and whipped. The novel also showing us that how women were treated in the puritan culture. Hawthorne was working on a political post in Salem Custom House to support his family but after three years he was fired because of a political shakeup. He became very depressed and in this mood he started The Scarlet Letter, Which makes him to write about the political and religious corruption as well. The Scarlet Letter is a product of Hawthorne’s culture and voice of the society of that period.
The majority of “The Scarlet Letter” takes place in America’s puritan past. In “The Scarlet Letter”, Hawthorne uses the repressive, authoritarian puritan society as an analogue for humankind in general. He uses the character of Hester to expose and criticize the puritan’s strict society. He portrays Hester as women of strength, independence, and kindness who stand up to the judgments and constraints of her society.
In a new historicist reading of a literary text, it is significant to understand the culture and society that produced the text (Dali2007). One of the prominent features of new historicist study under Greenblatt approach is to situate literary text in relation to other texts of the same period, and to const...

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