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Compare and Contrast: Jane Eyre and Victor Frankenstein

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Though completely different in appearance and personality, Jane Eyre and the monster of Victor Frankenstein are similar and very different. Both were considered outcasts of their novels. Though at different extremes, both represent the creation and birth representing the marginalization of people society doesn't understand or accept.
Society does not like what is hard to understand or something that has never happened in their personal life. A divorce, for example, was highly frowned upon. The reason is was scolded was mainly the Christian faith. In the Bible, divorce is a big NO. The other reason was that it didn’t happen a lot. In was uncommon the get divorced. Nowadays, it happens so often, no one blinks an eye. It’s not heavily frowned upon anymore. Divorce is an extreme, but this situation is both in Jane Eyre and Frankenstein. Both Jane and the monster are outcasts. Why? They were different. Different than everyone else. And for that, they were hated.
Society hates what it does not understand. If it does not know what something is like to go through, there is no trying to understand. There is only hate and discrimination. “One can point to the initial disownment of both Eyre and the Creature by their supposed protectors on the grounds of appearance.” This line from an essay comparing the two novels fits great in explaining the reasoning for the tone of each character. The monster was furious when his creator disowned him. He sought revenge and wanted the death of Victor Frankenstein. Jane Eyre was highly mistreated for her being an orphan. People mistreated her for something that she had no control over. This does turn her into an independent woman. Both of these instances of hate and discrimination cause the characters to develop both good and bad.
Both were also looked down upon because of their physical appearance. “The Creature is intended by Frankenstein to be a paragon of beauty, yet the result is deemed a horror, ...

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