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Film Analysis - Mulan

2 Pages 556 Words July 2018

I chose to review the film “Mulan” (1998) because I believe it shows a lot of good examples of cultural differences that relates to many concepts that we’ve went over throughout this course, and it is one of my favorites! I will be analyzing examples from the film that I believe are great examples from concepts throughout our textbook and demonstrate my ability to apply newly learned material and concepts. I will be going over the following six areas of interpersonal communication: conflict, emotions, nonverbal communication, language, listening, and close relationships.
The first area I’m going to cover from the film is Conflict. Interpersonal conflict is “the interaction of interdependent people who perceive incompatible goals and interference from each other in achieving those goals” (pg. 180). The first concept that I recognize in the film is image conflict which is define as “a conflict with another about one’s sense of self (pg. 183). An example of this would be when Mulan and her family are gathered around the dinner table after an announcement from the emperor states that one man from each family has to fight in war. Mulan wants to be brave, reasonable and above all wants to stand up for her father to save him due to his bad condition. Her father quickly rejects her opinion and tells her she should know her place which is to go by the rules of their culture. The conflict arises between Mulan and her father as Mulan tries to be the person her family wants her to be.
A second concept I see relating to conflict is bullying which is “a form of conflict in which the abuse is persistent and the person being bullied finds it very difficult to defend himself or herself” (pg. 190). This is shown when Mulan shows up to her first day of training as Ping. As she tries to fit in as a male soldier, the others bully her by calling her names, putting a spider down her back, taking advantage of one of the drills by throwi...

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