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A Brief History of the War in Afghanistan

6 Pages 1394 Words July 2018

The Afghanistan war began back in 2001 and is still ongoing with The United States and Allied soldiers still fighting in Afghanistan to this today. With seventeen years passing since the United Nations first deployed troops to the rough mountainous landscape known as Afghanistan, it has been a tough uphill battle with thousands of lives being lost. Both sides are fighting for what they believe is right in a dangerous part of the world.

The country of Afghanistan's history is known as unstable, turbulent, unforgiving and violent with no just end in sight. Afghanistan has been recognised as an independent country since the early 1900’s meaning that they were not under the jurisdiction of any foreign powers. Commencing in the 1970’s Afghanistan experienced a sequence of coup d'état where power alternated from one association to another. A civil war initiated in 1978 inside of Afghanistan's borders between pro and anti-communist forces. Pro-communist forces were sent military support from the Soviet Union whilst the United States provided financial and military support to those battling the Soviets (the Mujahideen army). The number exceeding more than one million people died throughout this conflict although the Soviets were repulsed. After fighting the Soviets multiple different extremist groups and military organisations fought for control of the rogue nation until eventually, a fundamentalist terrorist organisation known as the Taliban capitalised to seize control of Afghanistan. The Taliban put harsh restrictions on Afghanistan and ruled according to Islamic sharia law. The environment built by the Taliban in Afghanistan was one to breed terrorist. As a consequence of this, war veteran Osama bin Laden rose to become one of the leaders of the Al Qaeda terrorist organisation within the country of Afghanistan. Al Qaeda & Osama planned to strike against the United States which led to the Al Qaeda bombings of the Uni...

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