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Preparing Students for a High-Tech Future

5 Pages 1240 Words October 2018

People sense the dawn of time has been innovators. We have created so much from the small amount of time we have been on this planet. This is what led to the innovation of computers. These thriving instruments can accomplish almost any task that we put in front of them. Computers have advanced immensely in the last decade; think 15 years ago we didn’t have computers in our homes or businesses. Today, we now have technology everywhere we look, with smartphones and computers and other devices, life wouldn’t be the same without it. These devices help us tremendously as humans. They also have begun to lead us to wonder, what is next? What will we have to do to adjust with changing times and how will future job placement look, with computers taking over humans work. Will the job outlook continues to be the same or will the world just one day be overrun by robots?
So how do we stay relevant, in a society that is being overrun by the very thing that was built to help us? Our Educators need to train our students on topics that are going to support the need of the coming workplace. We need to make some Improvements on the topics that we teach. The current means of education has not been working we have faced double-digit unemployment in multiple fields, and students still flood these careers with new graduates and are stuck with no employment.
“Forget blue-collar and white collar. There are two types of workers in our economy: creators and servers”(Kessler 203). Servers are the ones whose jobs are being replaced by computer-driven forces. Jobs that require very little skill and are more on the labor side of the spectrum will soon be replaced. “Creators are the ones driving productivity- writing code, designing chips, creating drugs, running search engines” (Kessler 203). In “Will your Job Be Exported” “economist Alan S Blinder argues that quality and security of future jobs in America’s service sector will be determine...

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