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Points on Professional Ethics and Leadership

2 Pages 581 Words October 2018

A. According to me, professionalism means doing the things in a more perfect way than others. As it will make the person different from others in ability, strength, thinking and it will make the person self-dependent. Being professional often requires the person to make a difficult judgment and requires to challenge poor practice and unacceptable behavior.
For example, I can manage my tasks and responsibilities effectively. I can manage my time and work habits. If I take an hour for personal needs than I give two hours back to my work. I always prefer to meet or exceed expectations whenever possible.

B. The behavior and attitude of a student or a worker should include competence which means you have the skills and knowledge to do your job well, honesty, respect for others and integrity. The person should also possess reliability which means people can depend on you to show up on time and submit your work when it’s supposed to be ready. Being positive also makes a big difference to solve a problem easily. For example, I perform my tasks and duties by keeping in mind professional behavior and attitudes. I stay positive, respect others, stay work focused and keep myself self-upgrade.

C. By adopting professional behaviours and attitudes by a student of a college or a worker help them to create a positive reputation. This can ultimately translate into raises and promotion. It will increase self-worth and dignity. It creates a good atmosphere and success in a person’s life. It will help them concentrate on their tasks and responsibilities. For example: By following professional attitudes and behavior I get chances to work on more assignments that I enjoy. By listening carefully I get a chance to explain my idea properly to others.

D. I have developed many moral values and important ethics in the semester in COM 103 I have developed communication skills as teamwork is involved in this subject, honesty, reliability, and respect for ...

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