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A Parent's Perspective on Mental Illness

3 Pages 763 Words October 2018

It’s interesting and I find it disturbing to find out how poorly mental illness is being taken so lightly and the lack of self -awareness the public has over it. Why is there a stigma for mental illness but not a physical illness? Liza Long is a remarkable woman and she’s passionate at what she does. She has experience. She’s a school counselor and she is a mother that has the knowledge to convince someone that she knows what she is talking about. She starts off by talking about her son, but it wasn’t just based on him or other kids. It was about mental disorder in adults to. She came with the ethos, pathos, and logos on why mental illness should be taken more seriously in this world. The massacre shooting that happened in Connecticut was an excellent example that she used. Adam Lazar had a mental disorder. No one ever did anything to get him help until it was too late. It never came to light until after his death that he had problems. If he had gotten help, maybe it would have prevented him from killing his mother, 20 kids, 6 teachers then himself. She brought up another example... Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris from Denver, Colorado. The two boys that shot up their high school and killed 12 classmates and 1 teacher. What she said was the truth, it was all over the news. So, she couldn’t have been lying or making it up. Mental illness is a disease that affects everyday life. It is what caused these young boys to do such vicious acts then right after, commit suicide. It’s a tragedy. When Liz said it was time to talk about the mental illness she was right! It is time to address all of it. It’s time to discuss how people are getting robbed of the opportunities that define a quality of life.
Good jobs, safe housing, health care and getting along with other people. The stigma is physical illness is considered normal and mental illness is not. She believes If you are willing to help a child with leukemia you should be willing ...

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