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War Room - When There is Nothing Left

6 Pages 1575 Words October 2018

War Room is a movie about a married couple who seem to have it all. From the outside looking in they had the perfect jobs, she was a realtor, and he was a high ranked pharmaceutical rep. They had the perfect daughter and anything they could want in life. Although that is what it seemed, that was not the case at all. The wife, Elizabeth was crumbling under the stress and strain of her failing marriage. She meets a new client looking to sell her house and gets an unexpected surprise. Clara – the new client, shows Elizabeth her favorite room in the house, the war room. This is not just any room in the house; the war room is where Clara goes to fight her daily battles with God. It is a room she has cleaned out and put only a chair in, so she can go in there and pray, scream, cry, anything she needs to do to feel she is close to God. She starts by having Elizabeth write down everything her husband has ever done to her. Elizabeth finishes this task with three pages full of things he had done and one of those being he went to dinner with another woman and almost cheated on his wife. Clara teaches Elizabeth how to give everything to God and to quit fighting a losing battle with her husband. She shows her that no matter what her husband does she can and will survive and come out stronger if she has God in her life. She shows her God will always have her in the darkest of days and he will carry her through. Elizabeth makes her own war room and starts praying to God to fix everything wrong within her marriage. Her husband is looking for his gym bag one day and finds that she has emptied out a closet and had put a chair in it when he goes in and sees the papers on the wall he sees that they are all prayers for him. He breaks down and tells his wife everything, together they start praying to God as a family, going to church and giving everything to the good lord. He ends up getting fired from his job for keeping pills back to sell on the side, and...

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