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Abigail Adams: A Revolutionary Women

3 Pages 809 Words November 2018

Abigail Adams: A Revolutionary Women is a biography about how a woman lived her life as the wife of a very important man; John Adams. This book describes how she endured and what she had been through while her husband was doing other things. There were years in between where she would see John, which broke her at times and put her into a depression for a small period of time. Anxiety was also part of her personal issues. She kept updated with the politics surrounding her as well as had the idea that women should be created just as equal as men and have the capabilities to be just as educated as them. While doing all of this Abigail raised three children (three children had either died at a young age or at birth). “I can’t say how much I admire them” (pg 23). She was able to sustain herself because of the love that she had for her children and husband. Because Abigail was able to sustain herself her husband could do what he needed to do to make this country what it needed to be or by keeping the peace with other countries. Moreover, Abigail found meaning to life by being successful with raising her children, keeping her husband in check, by keeping up with politics, and by being an educated woman. “Tho’ as females we have no voice in Legislation, yet is our happiness so blended and interwoven with those who have, that we have every reason to rejoice in the improvement of science and the advancement of civilization which has proved to favorable to our sex, and has lead mankind to consider us in a much more respectable light that we deserve (Pg131). My first reaction was how she spoke about her depression and anxiety. Any human being who would be going through what she went through may feel the exact way Abigail did. Seeing how anxiety can affect a person's everyday life and by learning about it in depth within my psychology class, it can take a serious toll. Dealing with things like that in serenity is a woeful thing. “But not...

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