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Drug Addiction and Affected Populations

4 Pages 884 Words November 2018

3000Drug addiction is a chronic brain disease, that is represented by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences to the drug addict and those around them. The most devastating consequence that addicts are at risk of is overdose. Overdose is from excessive or a dangerous dose of a drug and can result in a toxic state or death. Colorado’s overdose rates outnumbered homicides in 2015 (Ingold, J. 2017) and the state is ranked 12th in the nation in the self-reported non-medical use of opioids. Unintentional drug poisoning jumped 82% in just a few short years (Take Meds Seriously 2017). Although addiction is classified as a disease there are still ways to help prevent overdose, harm reduction, and education. Educating the populations that are at higher risk for drug use would prevent potential addicts from using for the first time and educate those who use, the smart way to use. This paper will discuss the populations at greater risk of drug addiction, why they may be at greater risks and how to educate these populations on overdose and harm reduction.

Drug Misuse and Abuse
There is no specific way to identify if you are at risk of being an addict or what specific drugs you may be drawn to but studies have shown that in the general public some show a greater risk of becoming an addict. Some swear that genetics is the main reason behind addiction, others blame different cultures but studies have shown that backgrounds, culture, and race do not matter to this brain disease, anyone could be at risk. Statistics have shown age is becoming a factor, sexual orientation, and mental disorders. Drugs are becoming more prevalent in today's society and more available. Because of these two variables, the increase in drug abuse is on the rise, which in turn means overdose rates are skyrocketing. This also means gateway drugs and first-time use begins earlier in the youth.
Youth and Young Adults. Many of today’s youth have easier ac...

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