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Struggles of Humanity in The Odyssey

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Odysseus from the story The Odyssey by Homer experiences struggles in his everyday life just like all humans. Odysseus is a war hero from 1200 B.C. He had to leave his son to go to war, but it paid off because he is a hero to Ithaca now. He lead Sparta to war against Troy and Sparta won. Now he struggles to get home to his family after the ten years of war. The struggles that he faces are nature, the divine, other humans, and himself.
Humans have struggled with nature all the time. Like with Hurricane Katrina it killed 1,833 people and destroyed 5,563 homes in a matter of a couple of days. Odysseus also has trouble with nature. His struggles are a little different he has a god that makes hurricanes and cyclones to stop him from getting home. His name is Poseidon, and he is the god of water. Odysseus also has to deal with his daughters Charybdis and Scylla. Charybdis can make a big whirlpool that sucks him in, and Scylla has six snakes on her head that will eat his men. That is how he faced nature.
Humans also face so many problems with the divine. We face teachers that give us too much homework, coaches that run us so much at practice, and parents that give us too many chores. Compared to us Odysseus we have it easy. He has to face gods that have more power than he has. The sirens try.. to attract Odysseus and his men to their island and eat them, but he got by them with beeswax in their ears so they couldn't hear the sirens song. He also faces the cyclops which ate some of his men. But Odysseus used his intelligence to get him out of the Cyclops cave, and they even blinded the cyclops. That is how he faced the divine. We have problems with other humans all the time. Whether its people are bullying you in school or people talking about you behind your back. But Odysseus has a big problem with the suitors they are trying to steal his wife from him, and they are eating his food and wine all day. Especially Antinous he is the ringleader...

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