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The Black Death: Chapter 6 Analysis

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The Black Death was one of the most severed diseases and the most significant public health disaster that swept through Europe, North Africa, and the Near East. It was caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis. One theory of how it was spread is that the Mongol army infected cadavers into the city of Caffa, which led to the disease-transmitting to the people living at Caffa, a city that was established by Genoa and it was the main port for the merchant ships. With this said, the fleeing survivors spread the plague from Caffa to the Mediterranean Basin. It is believed that China, India, and the east were affected by the disease but there is little evidence that supports this statement.
Gabriele de’ Mussis was born in 1280 and was a notary in the town of Piacenza which was near Genoa. He gives us a narrative of what happened in the countries of the East with the plague. In 1346 countless numbers of people were struck down by a mysterious illness, and with it, it brought sudden deaths. The illness spread through kingdoms, cities, towns, and settlements. People tried to flee to escape the plague, but it was useless. No one had a way to find a cure for this disease or a defense. The sailors that escaped took the disease with them and infected the places they went to. In other words, the plague was spread to Europeans by the cadavers, and the Italians were fleeing from Caffa brought it to the Mediterranean.
Another theory is that rats in the cargo of ships acquired the disease and it was spread from sailor to sailor until it reached all the places infected. This theory was born because even though De’ Mussis theory of where the plague originated and how it spread seems consistent and some facts seem to stick, his claim that the disease arrived in Italy directly from Crimea it's wrong because of the time frame. Both make valid statements and are possibilities that could have happened because the plague was widely spread throughout Europe...

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