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The Underground Railroad: Truth or Fiction?

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Slavery was one of the darkest problems of humanity that have occurred on earth. The attributes of the slavery included forced labor and torture at the hands of the slaver. Slavery in America was one of the darkest chapters in history and bears some of the harshest examples of human atrocities that have been committed to the people of color over the years. The novel The Underground Railroad provides a detailed explanation of the treatments that the slaves were subject to, and how they wanted to gain freedom from these atrocities even at the cost of their lives (Colson). The existence of the Underground Railroad is based upon the efforts that were made by the slaves who ran away from their masters to free the other slaves from their pain. The journey from the southern states to the northern ones is the principal subject of the novel. The purpose of the book is to understand how the slaves were stripped of their own free will and were rendered powerless in the hands of the white masters. However, there was a group of people who took risks to save the slaves and provide them with a secured and civil life.
In the first place, as seen in the novel The Underground Railway, the slaves were stripped of all the powers of a free human-being and were forced to work under the extreme conditions (Colson). They exposed to extreme torture, and the slave masters found immense pleasure in a torturing a person of color just like torturing an animal. There was no difference between the black human-beings and animals irrespective of the genders. “As the men were subject to beatings and punishments, the women were subject to rape and torture,” ( The inability to read and write cut them off from the outer world and made them the puppets in the hands of the slave masters. The fear of torture often led the slaves to accept the loss freedom and work tirelessly throughout their lives. The southern states of USA formed several laws which prevent...

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