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Music Education and Student Success

6 Pages 1440 Words November 2018

Money rules our modern world. Decisions are occasionally made based solely on fiscal policy and standing. One of the main areas affected by this disturbing truth is America's education system. Every day, school systems struggle to decide what cuts must be made in order to balance a tight budget. Do they fire teachers or janitorial staff, downsize athletics, cut arts programs, or something else? School officials face this question all over the country and the best answer some conclude is eliminating fine arts programs, especially music programs. Why are music programs considered the redheaded step-children of extra-curricular activities though? The benefits of music programs offset their costs, yet most fail to see this inconvenient and unacknowledged truth.
Those who have never been musically trained mainly base their perceptions of music programs in schools on what is presented to them through media such as movies, television, and internet memes. The “nerd” band kid and “goofy” choir kid stereotypes are alive and flourishing in the minds of those who have not been educated on the impact of music programs. Contrary to this popular belief, students who are involved in music programs learn more than just how play an instrument or sing a song. Music programs teach life skills alongside musical skills and techniques. Through these programs, creativity is emphasized, responsibility and worth ethics are developed, and self-image is improved. Therefore, school systems need to find the money to keep music programs when funds start running short; our children cannot afford the alternative.
Furthermore, some studies are starting to show that there is a direct positive correlation between being musically trained and having higher test scores. For example, according to the Nashville Metropolitan School System, The University of Kansas (UK) came into their schools and conducted a four-year case study looking for a correlation between musi...

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