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The Children’s Website (

7 Pages 1799 Words November 2018

The business plan our team has chosen is the children’s website, The objective of this business plan is to create an online learning platform that caters to children. It is a website that children can connect with one another and become educated with the vast amount of topics. We see that it has a potential to excel in this modern day age of technology. Having the opportunity to be educated using today’s technology will advance children’s learning capacities. (In today’s technology, children can find it beneficial by having the opportunity to learn at their pace to gain their learning capacities). Our team decided to choose because it has a great business plan that can be highly profitable, effective, and potential growth.
Although this business plan does not forecast receiving a profit in sales up until the 3rd year, it has a tremendous opportunity to grow and surpass its sales goals. They have a higher purpose in mind, and that is their development of the business long financial terms. This is something that can be appealing to a vast majority of the population in the United States, which includes the educational institutions, the American upper-class, self-teaching families and kids themselves.
Even more, the competitive advantage is that they have an in-house knowledge base that they themselves developed, it will be more personal and better connected with the clients they attract. They perform in-house tasks to gather the information they need, thus saving thousands of dollars. Also, taking into consideration how much money they are saving versus their competitors. For the company to not outsourcing the information, it needs to get the required details for the website. The knowledge they have and programming expertise is crucial, having already the SQL™ server and ColdFusion™ software knowledge also has a goal to add the Flash™ soon to better their product.
In addition, the strengths...

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