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Justice and Ethics: Romance in the Workplace

3 Pages 787 Words December 2018

The workplace is a great place to meet the perfect partner. Did you know that many lasting marriages started in the workplace? The Business Insider reports that 16% of people met their spouse in the workplace and 29% were in long-term relationships. Today, workplace romances are becoming more and more of an ethical issue in the workplace arena. Justice and Ethics are a part of everyone everyday lives and especially where most people spend their time are at work. So, why not find a partner at work? A workplace is a place where you get to know the most about a person’s character and personality. According to Horan of Psychology Today, “workplace romances are relationships between two people who recognize the relationship to be platonic.” Workplace romances are a reality in today’s workplace, however; it can lead to justice and ethical issues such as favoritism and sexual harassment in the workplace.
There are both some pros and cons of workplace romances that causes the workplace to be unjust and unethical. The workplace could be a venture to find the love of your life and form a lifetime relationship. The workplace is a place where you meet great people and brings on mutual support on the job, a relationship at work could increase productivity, and a reason to keep employment at the business; which may be job retention for the business. The Business Insider in a 2016 article reported, 33% of co-workers disagree with workplace romances when dating at different levels. Some cons of workplace romances could be unprofessionalism, distractions from co-workers, harms productivity, hostile environment, claims of invasion of privacy, and sexual harassment. It could also cause unethical relationships like; ex-marital affairs, and a supervisor/employee relationship. The business will be caught in the middle because they have the responsibility to protect their employees and avoid legal claims of favoritism and sexual harassment.
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