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Portfolio Essay for Art School

2 Pages 531 Words December 2018

My name Is Divine Okonkwo, and I am a student Of Lord Beaverbrook High school. I am a Nigerian by nationality. In my country, it is tough to fulfill the kind of dreams I had as a child, so usually, it causes many raw talents and high potentials in the youth to dissipate. Nevertheless, all through my childhood, I aspired to become an “Astronaut” as I used to call it, however, I was referring to those people involved in the design, modeling, testing, and production of space crafts. Due to the limited understanding, I had at that time, I didn’t know that I was talking about engineers. I was drawn to that career path because it was and still is fascinating about how humans can have such achievements.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be guided accordingly towards that path. It wasn’t until towards the end of my elementary school that I discovered my artistic nature. I found out that I preferred to see that wow expression on the faces of people that look at my artwork and also, I loved the way I felt about it. My art teacher recognized my talents and helped me develop them further. During this time of acquiring skills, I was privileged to explore different mediums of expressing my art, such as Drawing with pencil, Painting with acrylic, water, and oil paints. I also did some sgraffito pieces which was interesting. I also was amongst an art team in my middle school that took the second place in a cultural art competition in 2011.
Nonetheless, I still felt a space inside me.2014 I was sponsored by my father to come study in Canada, to become a civil engineer who was amazing for me. During grade 10 I took a 3d art class where we were taught traditional arts and crafts, it was enjoyable, but I felt limited in the possibilities I could accomplish. One day I was watching the animated movie Frozen by Disney when I asked myself “wouldn’t you love it if you could recreate what you are seeing.“ Next day I asked my art teacher how cart...

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