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Personal Narrative: When My Father Moved Out

4 Pages 886 Words December 2018

My dad left in January of 2016 but it didn't start there. A few weeks ago one of my old friends had told me they saw my dad holding hands with another woman at a store. I was shocked but I didn't believe him because I never thought he would do something like that. It stayed in my head for the next few days, I wanted to tell my mom but I felt that maybe it would get her worried so I just tried to forget about it but I couldn't. Then came the weekend my dad had to leave to San Francisco for the migrant program. Some of his co-workers that also knew my mom very well went to the conference as well. He's been too many conferences in the past, but this time it felt it different because before he left, he had been arguing a lot with my mom for no reason. Then on a Saturday night, I could hear my mom talking on the phone with one of her friends that went to that same conference. The thing I will never forget is how she sounded because I have never heard my mom sobbing like that. I had a feeling she was being told what I have known for a while, and this confirmed it was true what my dad did. I had so many mixed emotions from angry to sad. ‘Everything will be okay mom’ I said. ‘I am not crying because he is leaving me, I am just worried about you and your sister’.
He arrived home on a fresh Sunday night, and I could remember the day so clearly even to this day. I was playing Black ops 3, and my window was down since the cool breeze outside felt good. At around 7 pm I hear a car engine turn off and a door close. Then the footsteps were coming to the door and the doorbell was rung. I remember hearing my parents arguing outside then it stopped. ‘A la ya los cacho aha’ said my dad on the phone with a person when my parents were done talking. He passed through my door to go to his room and get a few of his belongings. On his way out he did make eye contact with me but not a single word. Not even a goodbye to me or my sister, he just left ...

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