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Ethical Issues in Human Services

10 Pages 2526 Words December 2018

After reviewing of the each of the possible case management example for my course project I ha that I could choose from I chose case number two: Mack. I choose this scenario because it goes hand in hand with the population that I would like to focus on once I receive my degree and venture out into the human service work world. I am also drawn to this scenario because I am a mother of a son who is almost fourteen. Young people are facing so much these days, and unfortunately you see a lot of teenagers making decisions at this age when they are unsure of how these choices will affect the rest of their lives.
I also made the decision to choose Mack because I can kind of relate to not really having a real relationship with your father , I was blessed with a mother who had always been there and a step-dad who never treated me like anything else but his daughter but I was 19 when they married so I unfortunately had some serious issues with interactions with males . I had as some people call it “Daddy Issues” because no one was in my life to show me how to judge possible candidates for dating or even marriage. It wasn’t until I saw my parent’s relationship and how my mom was treated that I knew what I was supposed to be looking for.
The final reason I chose this case scenario is that recently in my hometown we had something horrible to a young lady in our city, she was 17 and murdered by her 28-year-old boyfriend. The part about this story that bothers me more than anything is that it came to light days later that she was trying to get help, she tried to get a restraining order, she even reached through social media posts but still she never got the help she needed an ended up losing her life. When I read the story of Mack, even though it is fictional there are so many kids out there like that who are just like him looking for someone to truly hear him them and help them.
I would have to that the most important way to develop a...

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