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Chartered Professional Accountants and the Big Four

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CPA (Chartered Professional Accountants) is a national organization representing the Canadian accounting profession. In January 2012, the CPA designation was proposed to allow unification of the three largest accounting organizations: the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA), the Society of Management Accountants of Canada (CMA Canada) and Certified General Accountants of Canada (CGA-Canada). During January 2013, CPA was established as a not for profit organization under the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporation Act.
Chartered Professional Accountants in Canada bring “a convergence of shared values, diverse business skills and exceptional talents to the accounting field.” CPA Canada is one of the largest accounting organizations in the world with approximately 210,000 Chartered Professional Accountants.
Chartered accountants encompass a wide range of accounting, auditing, financial reporting, corporate finance, and taxation. CA’s can have important roles of which can include; controlling a corporation or organizations financial or accounting needs and giving financial advice based on market trends. Furthermore, CA’s analyze the financial position of a company and produce reports and recommendations based on the financial performance of a company,

Investigating CA Careers
People of varying educational backgrounds can “earn or gain an entry” to the CPA Professional Education Program. To be admitted into the CPA Professional Education Program, one must have an undergraduate degree and specialization in a specific subject. This is to ensure that you can “demonstrate both the technical and enabling competencies expected of leading professional accountants.” If an individual has completed an accounting major in Canada, and if qualified will be admitted to CPA PEP. To qualify, an individual must complete a bachelor degree in relevant concentration with an accounting major. They must also complete at least 120 cr...

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