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Teasing the Secrets from the Dead

6 Pages 1394 Words January 2019

Teasing the Secrets from the Dead is a top-list story of crime scene investigation at some of the most infamous sites in American history. The author, Emily Craig, recalls her early experience of working in the clinic, where she inspired her interests in bone sculpture. Later, she entered the University of Tennessee to systematically study osteology and became a forensic anthropologist. During her graduate years, she was sent to Waco, Texas, to help investigate the disaster at the Branch Davidian compound. Her work there revealed that some members of the cult had been killed not by fire, as previously concluded, but by a point-blank shot to the head. She also participated in the investigation of the notorious case, Oklahoma City bombing. As a forensic anthropologist, after the destruction of the World Trade Center, she spent months in New York’s emergency morgue as a volunteer for the Disaster Mortuary Operational Response team. However, it is her cases as Kentucky’s “Boondock Bone Doc” that revealed the most information about how a forensic anthropologist works in the field. Anywhere can be the potential site for a crime: in the backwoods, on the sides of mountains, on the banks of rivers, even on the trees, where Craig recovers body parts and pieces, which would tell stories of the dead.
Despite her expertise as a forensic anthropologist and comprehensive descriptions of investigation of crime scene, humanity is another outstanding character. In this book, she tells readers about her childhood and experience as a medical illustrator. Through her description, for example, “Having spent so much time with my dad’s textbooks, I expected to be able to look at a real body and see all the parts clearly,” “I spent a whole afternoon to find the deer bones in the river” (Craig, p.43). I see a little girl, burying herself in her father’s big and heavy medical textbooks to feed her curiosity about bones and human structures; ...

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