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In Defense of Community Colleges

4 Pages 996 Words January 2019

The idea of going to a community college seems to be looked down upon coming out of high school. But is it truly a “downgrade?" In Kristin O’Keefe’s article, "The Community College/ ‘Real College’ Divide” posted at February 11, 2015 in The New York Times shows a side of evaluation analysis between a community college versus a four-year university. In Kristin’s article gives you an insight on how people look down on community college or they do not give them the much-needed respect as the four-year universities. Even though the universities provide the same education as a four-year university, which would shock many because they think community college is a joke to a university.
In the article, Kristin gives an insight on community college and how many individual looks down upon those kids or adults who attend these educational institutions. In the article, she says that those kids who attend a university right away are not better off than a student who is attending a community college first. They both have the same opportunity for those who are lucky enough to make the grades or have the money to attend a university, but many community college students usually transfer to a four-year university. She gives her opinion on how community college is similar to a University and on it even has its perks by not having to pay so much and getting the same education as university students. Her thoughts on community college show what she thinks of community college based on how she is holding an evaluation and going through how the university programs go through the same process as another community college and how it should not be frowned upon or discouraged for people to attend because they are receiving the same amount of education as those in a university.
Kristin O’Keefe shows her true colors on how she feels about community college as she starts her article with how an educator said some words which could lead to a whole de...

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