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The Pros and Cons of Breastfeeding

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A woman has, at this moment, become a new mother. She has just given birth to a new life! But what does she do now? She has never had a child before or ever taken care of a baby. During the long, nine months of carrying this precious life, family, friends, and doctors constantly gave their advice on how the child should be raised. Naturally, this new mother wants to make the right decisions for her baby, but who should she listen to? As these worrisome thoughts race through her mind, suddenly, here comes her first motherly test: feeding time. She says to herself, “Breastfeeding or formula?” This new mother faces a tough choice. Which is the best for the infant? Despite the attraction of formula feeding, breastfeeding is the superlative way to nurse a newborn because it not only offers convenience, variety, and nutrition, but it also provides developmental, emotional, and health-related benefits that completely outweigh the advantages of formula.
A mother desires the finest for her new born, and breastfeeding offers exactly that through the convenience. First, breastfeeding provides convenience in cost. Breast milk is free and is no charge (Homeier, 3)!! Instead of spending money on formula, mom can directly feed her child with the natural milk that she herself provides. Moreover, because of protection from diseases in breast milk, babies are not ill all the time, which means fewer visits to the doctor and extra money saved (Homeier, 3)! Moms do not have to leave work to tend to their sick infant; that means more time on the job and, once again, more cash (Homeier, 3). Therefore, the money saved on doctor bills and more job time can be used to buy clothes, pampers, wipes, and other necessities for the baby.
Secondly, breastfeeding supplies convenience in preparation. Breastfeeding is much quicker than getting a formula bottle ready. When setting up a formula bottle for a newborn, one has to do the following: 1. Rinse bottle out; 2....

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