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The Odyssey - An Epic Poem

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The epic poem The Odyssey by Homer tells the story of the great man Odysseus, and his adventures to return to his family. He guides his men out of the bad situations he puts them in. Odysseus blinds the cyclops who happens to be a son of Poseidon. Poseidon set Odysseus on an excruciating 10-year journey to return home. He gets into ridiculous situations that only the smartest man could get out of. He is skilled in all ways possible, but he is flawed as well. Not only can he thrive in very demanding situations, but he also can inspire his men to do the same. Odysseus proves his wits by escaping Polyphemus’ island and making it past the Sirens. He also demonstrates how the best of us are flawed when he makes love to Circe to get home. Odysseus exemplifies what it means to be a hero, and is skilled in all ways of contending, including being flawed.
Odysseus is skilled at making creative solutions to handle challenging situations. In book 9, Odysseus finds himself held hostage in Polyphemus’ cave with his men. It appears as if he is doomed, but he develops a creative escape plan. He gets Polyphemus drunk and strikes when he is least expecting, leaving him blind. Later, he attaches everyone to the bottom of sheep, so that Polyphemus would recognize the feeling of the backs of sheeps, tricking the Cyclops and allowing for a sneaky escape. “Their master now, heaving in torment, felt the back of each animal/ halting before him here, but the idiot never sensed/ my men were trussed up under their thick fleecy ribs” (9, 492-495). This exemplifies how Odysseus is a great thinker and a witty man. He came up with a plan that most would never even think is possible, and he can escape death by Cyclops. Polyphemus seemed like he would have stopped Odysseus’s journey in its tracks. Nonetheless, Odysseus and his men would come out on top, ready for what was to come.
Odysseus has an adventurous mindset that allows him to excel in dangerous situ...

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