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Drama Process Journal

6 Pages 1535 Words February 2019

The whole group was very willing to compromise and each member had distinctive ideas but was happy to listen to each other and add positive feedback as well as being open to accept other ideas if they deemed it to be better than theirs. This created a very good learning atmosphere for communicating and greatly increased the quality of our ideas later on. The whole group had one thing in common: we wanted to focus on a social issue, such as racism, income gap, or sexism. At first we wanted to work with racism, but then we realized that racism and sexism greatly differ from person to person and would be harder to generalize especially under the current context in which racism and sexism is strongly oppressed. We thought that it would be harder to clearly draw a line for this discrimination based idea in such a short play as it is very deep and subtle in today’s society, thus we decided to settle on economic capacity and income gap. Not much development as an actor, but this class, I was able to get some insight into what the job of a director would be like, in terms of discussing and deciding the theme and stance a play would take. The group discussion helped me tremendously by allowing me to improve my communication skills in speaking to and and listening to other people as well as providing me with a variety of viewpoints from other people to improve the planning of our play.
December 10th, 2018
This class composed of an extended discussion of the previous class in terms of the general plotline that we wanted to follow for our play. Last class, we had decided upon the issue that we wanted to focus on so this class, we built from the previous discussion and started to talk about how we would express that theme and world issue. We developed further on from the problem of economic disparities, coming up with the idea that the play could involve characters from all social classes (Poor, Rich, and Bourgeois) and show how they interact with...

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