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Social Media and the Depression Link

5 Pages 1324 Words March 2019

Throughout the years, social media has progressed and impacted society in a major way. It gives us rapid communication, being able to be in touch with the world, building personal and business relationships, and so many more positive attributes. But, what happens when it affects our mental health? There have been multiple studies and surveys that show how social media can be a huge factor in depression. How did we get to a point where the content on an app is more interesting than things around us?
In past experiences, I understand how social media could easily lead to depression, especially in young teenagers who frequently use it on a day to day basis. I have chosen to speak about this topic because I feel that it is relatable to everyone in one way or another. This topic is also a very sentimental topic considering the fact that I have been in this position before and I also have friends who have dealt with similar issues. Depression and other disorders do not get enough recognition considering the fact that it is a rising epidemic affecting our generation. Social media plays an immense role in all of our lives, and we should use it with caution. In this composition, I will further elaborate on how social media can negatively alter a person's mental state.
First, let’s see what happens when you spend a little too much screen time on social media? Dr. Stephanie Mihalas, a psychologist and a clinical instructor, elaborates on the ways social media can cause depression with the idea that social media furthers the chaotic levels of your mind making you less attuned to the outside world. When the improper amount of time is spent on social media, we forget to tend to other necessities. Thinking back I can remember a numerous amount of times that I have canceled plans with friends to lie down to be in tune with my phone. Every day as we become more socially intertwined with the world we’re becoming more and more disconnected with eac...

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