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The Importance of Paying Attention to Detail

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It’s important to pay attention to detail because of how easily information can be passed by in a moment. There is always something that can be observed, and this is where something can be learned. The smallest observation can be pivotal in success, or failure. Miscommunication can also be something that can arise from overlooking key facts. Constant observation and vigilance are key; In the Army there are numerous jobs and positions that carry immense weight on how easily life or limb can be lost. Constantly being surrounded by large vehicles, various weapon systems, and hazardous materials is a daily situation, and any slip up could easily spell disaster for operators and bystanders alike.
In paying attention to verbal commands, ones’ surroundings, and the current task being applied to, small details can be picked up on and help assess what actions are to be taken next, or what actions should be avoided. Therefore, clear and precise ques are to be taken quite seriously. Missing out on one of these pieces of information is one of the most pivotal and basic tasks available to soldiers, as they ensure a safe and secure work environment. Its up to every individual working together to make the Army a well-oiled machine, capable of handling tasks greater than the sum of its parts. Attention to detail, therefore, is extremely important in making this goal a reality.
When there is a set number of tasks to complete in a specific order, it is very important to follow them in the order received. Any number of consequences could occur if there are faults in its execution. As an example, making sure that there are stop-blocks under the wheels of a parked vehicle (even one not directly your responsibility) could prevent it from rolling away and causing damage to property or personnel. In another scenario, paperwork not properly denoted could lead to an incorrect calculation of items or equipment being cataloged, which could easily lead to finan...

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