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3 Pages 856 Words March 2019

Tyler Bruno and Gary McCulla
Ms. A. Chabreck
English IV AP C
20 August 2018
Formation from Family
Relationships in any story can allow for a great change in characters and allow for the good or sometimes bad of people to come out. Family is one of these types of relationships that is overall necessary for development of a human being. Family comes into play not just in your intermediate family but groups of people that you grow close to can be considered family and with that family growth is ignited and personal change is developed as an individual or in this case as a monster. Without this sense of family things leading to problems that are very noticeable in the novel Frankenstein. In the novel Frankenstein, we have two prevalent relationships in which bonds are formed. First, we see a relationship between Victor Frankenstein himself and his family which is a good one until the monster of death interferes. Then we see the mostly one-sided relationship we see between the monster and the DeLaceys in the monsters attempt to understand humans. Family in the novel Frankenstein as it is, in reality, is an essential factor in most cases positive development but other cases negative. Family affects both Frankenstein and the monster but in its own unique way to build each character.
Victor Frankenstein comes from a wealthy family with a healthy background and all is good. He has two brothers and then later on an adopted sister. This sister, Elizabeth, comes down with a sickness known as scarlet fever and later this sickness is carried over to his mom. “Elizabeth was saved, but the consequences of this imprudence were fatal to her preserver”(Shelley 38). This sickness claims the life of Frankenstein’s mother and the aspect of family is severely injured. This shows that family and the ultimate love of family can be fatal at times. But the single thing that Frankenstein continues consistently to pursue is his education which could be ...

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