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Argumentative Essay: Why the Army is a Profession

2 Pages 582 Words April 2019

After decades of warfare, I believe that the United States Army is a profession because of our adherence to ethics, our mutual calling to serve, and our continuing education in our field of work. Soldiers must qualify and be certified in their expertise, and leaders must demonstrate the art and science of directing a force prepared to kill or be killed in combat operations. While other organizations motivate their employees through material incentives, the Army maintains its professionalism through its calling, to provide for the nation’s defense. As The Profession of Arms explains, what motivates professional Soldiers is serving the defenseless, earning the trust of our citizens, seeking honor, and the continual pursuit of expert knowledge. While many other occupations serve people or require education, few have specific codes of ethics or the altruistic mission of the modern American Soldier. Those that do, such as medicine and law, are rightfully considered professions, and I believe that soldiering compares to these.
According to The Profession of Arms, “professions” produce uniquely expert work specifically in medicine, theology, law, and the military, requiring long and extensive education and qualifications. The Profession of Arms has its own distinctive characteristic comparing to other professions. Soldiers become professional by graduating Basic Combat Training, Advanced Individual Training, and other required courses as they move through the ranks. In addition, Soldiers’ are expected to be an expert in the arts of warfare, weapons systems, combat operations, and fundamentals of leadership. Most importantly, Soldiers assume great responsibility in their oaths of service and must honor Title 10, U.S. Code, Section 3062 (a), to be prepared when called to duty, distinguishing the Army from other “professions”.
Our military is a true profession rather than an ordinary job in large part because of the calling felt b...

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