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The Consequences of Child Abuse - An Annotated Bibliography

5 Pages 1152 Words April 2019

The topic I will be discussing is the long-term effects/consequences of child abuse. I will investigate how child abuse can affect the way a child interacts with others, how they participate as a member in society, how they handle situations after going through a traumatic experience at home. This topic is sociological because of the economic structure, this is quite common for low-income families, especially in neighborhoods where there is high crime, poverty and violence surrounding them constantly. Whether it’s domestic violence, child neglect, child sexual abuse, at the end of the day, it affects the child in many negative ways. The aspects I will discuss to ensure a sociological investigation is by looking into things like lack of social support, community involvement, coping methods etc.
I am interested in seeing what the community does to help kids from low-income families, what are the techniques that can be done, what is the school doing for children to be aware what is right and what is wrong. In general, implementing new ways of preventing child abuse and have more children talk about it and to help not choose the wrong path because of their past. My sociological research question is, what are we doing as a community to help children from child abuse overcome their past? Some may argue that children don’t talk about it or that they are afraid. Therefore, this is why we are starting the conversation now, make it normal for them to talk about their feelings because if they keep all of that built up, they might end up making wrong choices because they might not think their self-worth. The sociological themes around this loneliness, social support, violence, justice system, anti-social, development, deviance and many more.

1. Hildyard, K. L., & Wolfe, D. A. (2002). Child neglect: Developmental issues and outcomes. Child Abuse & Neglect,26(6-7), 679-695. doi:10.1016/s0145-2134(02)00341-1
This piece is about a pattern of mal...

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