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Scene Analysis - Hamlet, Act IV

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Scene 1
Gertrude immediately went to Claudius after her confrontation with Hamlet. He is shocked that Hamlet would have killed him had it been him behind the curtains. The king is worried about how to tell everyone what Hamlet did and how to react to keep the public from up roaring. The king decides sending Hamlet to England with Guildenstern and Rosencrantz is his best bet to resolve the situation peacefully. Claudius sends Hamlets ex-friends to go and search for Him

Scene 2
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern find Hamlet after the corpse has been taken care of. They ask where he has hidden the corpse and he responds’ foully and tells them they are nothing more than sponges. They are the king’s spies and worth nothing more. He finally agrees to go with them, and they take Hamlet to King Claudius.

Scene 3
Hamlet and the king’s spies return to the king where he is telling others of his plan to send Hamlet to England. The king ask’s where Polonius body lays and Hamlet tells him he can look in Hell or send a messenger to look for him in Heaven then tells the King the body is under the lobby stairs. Hamlet agrees to go to England with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern but does not know that the king had sent him there to be executed.

Scene 4
Hamlet and the king’s spies are on their way to England when they meet Fortinbras who is bound to walk through Denmark to attack Poland not for very much gain but over the name of the land. Hamlet realizes he is fighting for his father which is worth more and realizes he needs to act more boldly and bloodily if he wants to achieve his goals.

Scene 5
In scene 5, Laertes returns to Denmark furious with a mob of followers who called him Lord. He is furious because of his father's death and how his sister has lost her sanity in grief over her father. He wants revenge for his father and is taking it out against the King. The king tells Laertes he is not responsible for Polonius’ death and how he can expl...

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