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Charlie in The Perks of Being a Wallflower

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Charlie, who was trapped in his own world with a trauma, wandered away from his friends even if he was a high school freshman. One day, however, he met Sam and Patrick, brothers and sisters, who enjoyed life without worrying about other people's eyes, and they were in a new transition of life. Charlie learned how to go out of the world with great old music and friends. He loved Sam without knowing himself, and he had a long and heartbroken day that he had never experienced before.
There are several characters with distinct personality in this movie. If you have passed through adolescence, you can achieve your empathy by substituting your life for at least one person. I projected Charlie into me. I was not sexually abused by my aunt and my best friend did not commit suicide like Charlie. But I could see myself clearly in Charlie's actions. These days, I spent most of my times for studying, working and caring for my children. It is hard to get time to meet people, and it is difficult to make friends even if opportunities arise because of a language problem. So at first, I watched this movie that I was immersed in Charlie really strong. In that context, I also felt great joy when Sam and Patrick reached out to Charlie, who had been struggling with his own life at the beginning of the semester.
I was not a gay person or a loner in my school days, but I thoughts most people who have seen this movie seemed to agree with Charlie's emotions. Actually, this movie was close to fantasy. At High School, I could not afford to worry about other places and feelings of love except for entrance examination. The status of high school students in Korea was nothing but a study for admission to college. So the events and the emotions in this movie are just a fantasy to me. However, the feelings of first love and the actions of Charlie following those emotions were being assimilated into the characters thoroughly. The film was not very special, but I foun...

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