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Personal Essay for College Application

3 Pages 660 Words April 2019

I was born in Uganda, Kampala on the 1st of August 2003. I started school early but that doesn’t stop me from going to college. I attended kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade in Uganda. Later I came to Senegal, which was in 2010. When I came to Senegal, I was quite happy because I love exploring new places. I started off in a French school called LA SOURCE VIVE. I could not speak French at that time. When I went started going to the school, I was new to the culture, way of talking and doing things. I later got a French tutor and learned how to speak and write French. From there I was able to communicate with my classmates, friends, and teachers. I was in the school for three years. At that time the last class they had was sixth grade which is CM2. After those years I went to another school called The Senegalese American Bilingual School (SABS). I had finally found other people I could speak English with. I managed to keep my grades up for three years in SABS. 7th-9th grade. I didn’t let anything distract me from doing my work. Even though I am sometimes talkative, but I study and write my lessons. I used to be shy to ask questions in class, but when I came to IQRA Bilingual Academy, everything changed for me. The shyness was finally out of me. I felt free. I felt like I had everything I needed to succeed until I graduate from high school. I met new friends that I now take as my brothers and sisters. The teachers were like my parents. While I was in IQRA my grades went higher than before. I had a lot of fun. I later became a big fan of music. During my free time I would either play some basketball with my classmates. Right now, I am in 12th grade. I might be the youngest in the class, people might say I will not go to college because I am too young and that I’ll have to wait until I am seventeen or eighteen. Well that will not stop me from becoming what I want to be. I believe in myself and I know I can make it. Over and ...

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