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An Enquiry of Human Understanding by David Hume

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In David Hume's writing, An Enquiry of Human Understanding, he thoroughly explains the meaning and falsehoods of miracles and his thoughts behind them. Hume tried to make us believe that miracles are not realistic, however, they are everything but unrealistic. Hume argues that we have no forcible reason to believe in these topics called miracles. I’m arguing against Hume’s idea of Miracles being non-existent. Hume argues that evidence is needed to establish the occurrence of miracles. However, one could argue that evidence is not necessary for a belief in miracles.
Hume writes that our knowledge of miracles extracts from the testimony of others who tend to claim that they have seen miracles. In section X, “Of Miracles” Hume argues that we have no persuasive reason that makes us think to even believe in the thought of miracles and certainly not to consider them essential to religion. “A religionist may be an enthusiast, and imagine he sees what has no reality”(Hume 79). Hume believes that religious people may believe in things that are not necessarily real. This reflects on Hume’s idea of miracles being a false belief for religious people.
Within this section, Hume gives four reasons to think that there has never been or ever will be an acceptable amount of evidence to prove a miracle as probable. The first reason states that no miracle is supported by evidence of a reliable number of trustworthy people to be able to rule out the idea of the falsity. In saying this, Hume is at a loss because there are many proofs of miracles occurring for numbers of people. Hume writes that there are not enough people “of such unquestioned good-sense, education, and learning as to secure us against all delusion in themselves”(78). Hume understands that there is underlying evidence for miracles however he does not believe that there is nearly enough. While that may be one way to look at the proof of miracles, they may not need the...

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