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Margaret Thatcher's Eulogy to Ronald Reagan

4 Pages 999 Words May 2019

In Margaret Thatcher’s eulogy to honor former United States President, Ronald Reagan, she effectively convinces her audience of the power optimism holds within building a successful leader.
To begin her argument, Thatcher proves to her audience that all actions should hold a sense of optimism in order to achieve credibility. Thatcher reminds her audience of the Cold War, which left America wounded and devastated. By doing she builds sorrow within her audience, and reminds them of the tough task rebuilding the nation would be. As she does this, she shifts her tone to be lighthearted to honor the tough tasks Reagan took on such as mending “America’s wounded spirit, to restore the strength of the free world, and to free the slaves of communism.” Thatcher's audience is able to feel grateful towards Reagan and his strive to rectify their Nation. While most would believe that tasks such as those would be impossible, it was Reagan’s optimism that that won “converts from every class and every nation.” By mentioning this to her audience, Thatcher is able to instill appreciation into her audience's minds, making them aware that although some tasks may seem impossible to solve, effort and a positive outlook on tough situations can gain ultimate support. To further her argument, Thatcher mentions how Reagan’s policies held a sense of “freshness.” By using modern diction, her audience is able to admire Reagan’s actions, which were new and never done before. The audience can admire Reagan’s action of risking his credibility and taking a new approach in running The Nation, which could have failed as easily as it did succeed. Leaders, who operate their actions based on optimistic approaches, gain credibility within their audiences, thus pushing them to succeed with the comfort of support backing them.
To continue her argument, Thatcher effectively convinces her audience that optimism is essential in making decisions that can b...

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