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Reflective Essay - Developing My Writing Skills

3 Pages 683 Words May 2019

I want to talk about the greatest impact of development and lack of development as a writer. Writing has been something that I’ve always loved to do and it’s been very positive and influential in my life. It is helpful in a lot of ways as far as development and lack of development, writing can be motivational and very challenging as well and that’s why I love it.
My writing skills have increased tremendously because my grammar has improved and my writing has to get better at making my paragraphs the correct amount of sentences, but I continue to get better every day. Writing has taught me if you work hard every day and continue to do those things that are challenging the work starts to come easier because of how difficult it may be but you never give up on it, and I could have done that in writing but I didn’t and that has made me a better person today. This quote says “day by day to see a better day” and it’s saying if you keep working hard each and every day the things that you struggle with will get easier and that is exactly what I did. English has made me a strong person and has made me think that anything is achievable.
Making my paragraphs the correct amount of sentences has been a little struggle for me, I’ve been challenged to get better in this class and improve my lack of development. It has challenged me to become better because it has been way more challenges in the class, such as fifth-teen hundred word essay, and I feel that if I could accomplish that and get a good score on it, I should be able to learn how to become better at making my paragraphs in essays more longer and the right length. I feel like if you motivate yourself to do something and you really want to accomplish something you would work hard for it don't you think that? I think all kids should use that because that motivated me and pushed me to become better at writing and that has developed me as a writer. If you have any flaws, I think t...

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