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Celebrity Photographer - Mike Miller

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Some background information about Mike Miller as a person is helpful to understand who he is as a photographer. He was born and has lived in California for the duration of his life, being a director along with photographer he has brought a unique view to the world through a lens. He has worked with a variety of rappers, especially those in California such as Ice Cube, Tupac, Yg, and Kendrick Lamar to name a few. Though they stand out in his vast line of associated acts, they don’t define his career's foundation, they do add onto it. Mike Miller captures artists in their best light, their natural calling, performing, living out their best lives.
The picture of Tupac Shakur playing craps, a dice game with gambling, shows so much more than what meets the eye. The natural, unposed photograph shows how, despite being a celebrity, Tupac doesn’t change who he is after getting a lot of money, his values and beliefs remain true to what they have always been. Him playing a game on the street, smoking, and enjoying time with his peers shows that he is human and is very relatable especially to his fans, heritage and anyone who is growing up in LA during the 90s era. The fashion shows the originality, along with the technology such as the guy holding the big cell phone in the background. The hubcaps/rims on the wall and ground show that no matter what is going on, having fun or not someone is trying to sell those in order to make money to provide for whatever need be, there isn’t time to take off even during times of relaxation and time spent with loved ones.
This image also represents Mike’s career through how simply sophisticated it is. To further explain that statement, a white man hanging around African American men during the 90s, the Rodney King riots to be exact. Two years after all of that tension and for them to be around each other on such an emotional, intimate level is amazing. It goes to show that he isn’t discriminated aga...

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