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Was WWII a Just War?

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I am going to cover three of the main events of WWII and decipher whether or not they were justified. World War Two started when Germany invaded Poland on September 3rd, 1939, but didn’t officially begin until Britain and France declared war on Germany. The three events I have chosen to cover are the Battle of Stalingrad, Pearl Harbor, and the two bombings on Japan, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki. I chose these three events because I want to cover what both the Axis and the Allies did, to capture the actions of both sides, wrong or right.
I will cover these events in the order of when they happened, so first up is Pearl Harbor. Japan attacked the US naval base, Pearl Harbor. The goal was to prevent the US from getting in the way of Japan’s war effort in South East Asia. This was not justified; the United States had not done anything that would justify a bombing of such a huge proportion or any bombing. I feel that this attack ended up hurting the Axis powers, as the United States had now entered the war. There are conspiracy theories that President Roosevelt knew of a Japanese attack, and simply let the attack happen so that the United States could join the war. The problem with these theories is that the information on a Japanese attack would have passed through many people before it made it to President Roosevelt. For no one to have leaked details about such an important thing by now is very unlikely.
Secondly, the battle of Stalingrad is one of the bloodiest battles of WWII, so I don’t have high hopes for it being justified. This battle was a turning point in Europe, forcing Nazis to retreat towards Germany. The strategic importance of Stalingrad was massive, victory would make it very difficult for Hitler to logically control Europe. If Hitler had control of Europe, who knows how many more lives could have been lost. This battle was also a turning point in the war and put Germany on the defensive. The strategic importance does hel...

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