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My Combined Self-Assessment

5 Pages 1188 Words June 2019

I have learned a lot about myself through these personal self-assessment. As I evaluate them all collectively I really get to understand how and what exactly I learned this semester. The first assessment, there were three specific categories that were given scores for the leadership self-assessment. These categories are, Technical Skill, Human Skill, and Conceptual Skill. Knowing that these are the categories, I would say that human skill would be my best followed by, technical than conceptual. I feel that I work best with other people and that as a leader, people respect what i have to say and would follow me if needed. After taking the assessment, technical skills was my highest score with 26, conceptual was my second highest with 20 and human was third with a score of 19. When I look at these scores, I am a little bit confused.
Never would I have thought that my best skills would be technical. I am typically a pretty neutral person and can go with the flow whenever, so when I was taking the test maybe some of my answers swayed towards the technical side. I still do no agree that this is my strongest part as a leader. I would definitely like to improve my two lowest scores, I’m not entirely certain on what the numbers mean however, making them all over 23 for example might have to be my next goal. I would like to have all three categories in the “high-range” of the scoring interpretation. As I said before, these responses and scores definitely surprise me and I’m not sure what to make of them at the moment. I do believe that this shows how well of a leader I can be. Making sure that all the scores are closer in range of each other is also something else that can make me seem like a better leader. I don’t necessarily think that these results affect how others view me as a leader. It might make people look at how I tend to lead but I still think that they would say that Human Skills would be my strongest part. Overall, I thin...

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