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Proper Care of Hand and Power Tools

2 Pages 501 Words June 2019

Proper care of hand tools after using the tools and you are ready to put the tools away you should clean and examine the tools before you return them to storing. Wash them down with a rag and check for grievances. Make sure you store the tools in proper like in a storage box or a toolbox the best way to stay managed is to label were every tool goes on the toolbox, so it is easier for you to find the tools and faster, so you get the job done faster. Power tools need routine maintenance because of their electrical and mechanical parts. Power tools get a lot of dust and other stuff in them if left uncleaned for a long period of time wipe them down and clean them after every job is done. Power tools need to be lubricated for the best performance and to keep from rusting over time. Power tools need to be checked periodically for any sights of wear and damage pat special attention to the power cords. power tools need to be stored any from dust and moisture the best way to do that is to store them in the original case this also keeps them organized s it's easy to find them. Cordless battery power tools have become popular and to keep them running well you need to make sure their batteries are to be maintained. To care for the batters the best way id to clean the contact point with cotton swabs and alcohol. Taking care of pneumatic tools is similar but different from power tools. There are two types of maintenances preventive and corrective preventive maintenances involves actions that can be taken to reduce the risk of the tool life span it includes regular lubrication and replacing parts that are to be known to wear before wearing out they case downtime and always clean your air hoses.
Corrective maintenance includes any action to repair the tool after an unforeseen failure this can be due to a broken part of due to the lack of correct preventive is important that the air is clean and for the best use a filter regulator lubri...

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