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A Bill of Rights for Animals

4 Pages 888 Words June 2019

Sunday morning news fills the room, the latest incident introduced, “Just yesterday night at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo, a male lion reportedly attacked and killed a female elephant.” This being a potential real-life scenario, will the lion be given punishment for his action? No, because animals are not held to right-based standards. We hold these animals blameless because of their inability to comprehend. On another note, if the same scenario happened with two humans, the attacker would be on the way to prison. The lack of moral responsibility limits how much deference we owe animals. (Cathy Young,2017) Animals should have protection, but uses of them in some form is important, they should not be given a bill of rights.
Animals are not held to right-based standards by any means, not even with other animals. “Aggressive herding” is a scientific name for basically a dolphin gang rape. When male dolphins mate, they form alliances of two or three and pick one female. They relentlessly mate with the female for weeks at a time. If she tries to escape, she is beat with the males flippers for them to maintain dominance. This seems to us like gang rape, but it is in fact a normal mating ritual. However, it is unquestionably a violent mating habit. Cathy Young, author of “Face it, Pets aren’t People” states, “We don’t condemn dolphins for behavior that would be considered gang rape in humans, or males and females of other species(including some primates) who kill their rivals infants.” Young is justifying the biggest reasons why animals should not have rights being that, simply, they are not held to qualified standards to possess rights. As humans, we are 100% held to a certain standard, for example, trust, good behavior, fairness, and kindness. These standards we are held to is why we gained our rights in the first place.
Included with a bill of rights would come restriction for medical research. When was the last time you had ...

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